• ZQD100-Q5
  • ZQD100-Q5
  • ZQD100-Q5


Product description:

-High and low temperature combination of two-star disinfection 
-Three doors and three drawers’ structure, adding new chopstick and spoons layer
-With drying function, independent control of upper and lower chambers
-24-hour reservation function
-Door lock plus screen lock to prevent ozone leakage and high temperature scald
-External guide rails for anti-pollution, hidden hand prevent collision



Sterilization Star Upper and Lower chambers---Two-Star Sterilization Method Upper chamber: Ozone + Ultraviolet Ray

Lower chamber: Far Infrared High Temperature Disinfection
Standard Volume 100L Rated Power 520W
Product size 595x630x465mm Opening size 560 x 615, ≥500
Ozone concentration ≥40mg/m³ Layer load Upper chamber: 5kg Lower chamber: 8kg