• CHJ-01-1.5T


Product description:

1. Coconut shell activated carbon, large pore area, strong adsorption capacity;
2. KDF filter material bacteriostatic removal of residual chlorine;
3. Flow and time dual-control automatic flushing function to ensure fresh water;
4. Travel and home mode to avoid stagnant water
5. Automatic and manual double flush function;
6. Filter material life detection and replacement reminder;
7. WIFI smart control, real-time view of machine status.



Product model CHJ-01-1.5T Clean water flow rate 1500L/h
Product name Macro central water purifier Suitable water temperature (5~38)℃
Suitable power 220V~/50HZ Inlet and outlet pipe caliber G3/4
Power rating 12W Discharge pipe caliber G1/2
Inlet water pressure (0.15~0.4)MPa Regenerated cycle water production 5.9m³
Product size 302*297*1090mm Package size 375*367*12240mm