• K3CG


Product description:

1.Can be installed inside the bathroom
2.LED display;
3.Automatic constant temperature
4.Wide power supply
5.Low water pressure start-up
6.Memory function when power off
7.Oxygen-free copper heat exchanger
8.Staged combustion
9.Multiple protection such as Ignition failure,flame signal abnormal, anti-flow back, flue blockage, over temperature and anti-dry protection etc.
10.Anti antifreezing protection(Optional)
11.50-minute timing shutdown system(Optional)



Model JSG20-10K3CG JSG20-12K3CG JSG20-14K3CG JSG20-16K3CG
Capacity 10L 12L 14L 16L
Net Weight 9.5KG 10KG 12.5KG 12.5KG
Gross Weight 11.5KG 12KG 15.5KG 15.5KG
Gas Type NG&LPG
Product Size(mm) 525*340*155
Packing Size(mm) 676*414*302