• CXW-320-L3.3
  • CXW-320-L3.3
  • CXW-320-L3.3


Product description:

◆ Newly upgraded smoking performance of stir-fried wind 2.0;
◆ High wind pressure of 480Pa, no backflow of smoke during peak exhaust;
◆ Nano self-cleaning, the power of the wind wheel is the same as before;
◆ Dual-track smoke control system, accurate smoke capture from left and right;
◆ The sky curtain cloud plate is 85 ° to gather smoke;
◆ Smart gestures for control of the hood;
◆ Reminder that the oil cup is full of oil;
◆ The beveled glass design does not collide with the head;
◆ Ergonomic super-capacity oil cup design;



Series Intellectual stir fry
model CXW-320-L3.3
platform L3.3
Nominal air volume 19
Stir fry air volume 22
wind pressure 350
Maximum static pressure (Pa) 480Pa
Noise (dB) Sound pressure 56 / sound power 70
Main material Tempered glass + cold plate spraying
Panel Material
(display area part)
tempered glass
Wind speed options Two gears + stir fry gear
Control Way touch
Air outlet diameter
Length of pipe
Exhaust pipe material aluminum foil
Motor input power 320
Lighting power 2W×2
Net weight (kg) 23
Gross weight (kg) 26.5
Dimensions 900*410*545
decorative hoarding Optinoal
Hoarding size 420×315×451mm
Package size 1000*520*495