• CXW-300-L3
  • CXW-300-L3
  • CXW-300-L3


Product description:

1. Stir fry function,lampblack can be absorbed within a critical minute
2.Huge and powerful lampblack absorb system
3. Oil guide plate can be easily disassembly in 3 seconds, makes cleaning easier
"Easy to clean" function, can be disassembly in 3 seconds, make cleaning easier
4. Delayed shutdown for three minutes, leave no lampblack.



Nominal air volume 17m³/min Stir frying air volume 19m³/min
noise 52 dB/70 dB(A) Maximum static pressure ≥400 Pa
Product size 900x445x920mm Air outlet caliber Φ180mm
Energy efficiency grade Class A Net weight 25.5kg