• BX7


Product description:

1.Heat cycle
One key start heat cycle, intelligent water cycle, heat the water and transport to each tap 
2.Preheat pool 
Preheat pool collect cold water and heat cycle hot water mix together and then outlet, maintain water temperature balance
3.Easy heat valve
The easy heat valve is specially designed for houses without back water pipe circuit. Quick installation or upgrading in 30min without redecorating the house .
4.iCloud control 
Intelligent core process system combine intelligent control and iCloud operation feedback. Use phone APP control achieve water preheat, heat supply, temperature control, ON/OFF, gas consumption query. 
One key start heat cycle, quick start, preheat. Mobile phone control 
300,000 time main controller test, 100,000 time water hammer impact test, 3,000 hour continuity burning test. 
7.Energy conservation
One key start ECO mode, reach setting temperature automatic flameout until temperature get under setting temperature, night time automatic select sleep mode, maximum save 15% per day.
LED display, clear interface 
Water pump and fan all frequency conversion, basic on machine working feedback adjust air intake and water inlet, to work with three layers chamber, minimum sound volume only 38dB. 
Multiple protection protect you and your family safety every second 
Combine heating and heat cycle two system, quick switch, stable instant heat heating process maintain water temperature balance. Also has three heat cycle mode at your choice 



Model L1PD20-18B2
Maximum heating power(kW) 32/12.5
Minimum heating power(kW) 28.8/11
Heating maximum temperature (℃) 85
Heating temperature range (℃) Radiator:30~80; floor heating:25~60
Tank capacity(L) 10
Heating area (㎡) 100~250
Bathing water Temp.risk 25K(kg/min) 16
Bathing water Temp.risk 30K(kg/min) 13.5
Bathing temperature range (℃) 35~60
Bathing water pressure(MPa) 0.02~0.8
Voltage rating (V / Hz) 220V-50Hz
Power rating (W) 100
Product size (mm) 740*480*356
Net weight (kg) 44.5