• B5


Product description:

1.LED tuch screen, quick start
LED touch screen, clear design, easy understand, quick  to start. integrated shell.
2.Multiple denoise
Multiple noise design with silent burning system, minimum sound volume only 42dB, Just like whisper
3.Gas quantity query
Gas quantity query. Easy to check your gas quantity on your phone or the water heater
4.Heat exchanger technology
Dense laminated plate heat exchanger technology, higher heating effectiveness.
5.Multiple Protection
Freeze-proofing, explosion proof, flameout protection, over temperature protection and leakage prevention. Protect you and your family safety
6.Temperature control
Multiple temperature control system, constant monitor inlet/outlet water temperature, reaction faster than common product, heating time decrease 10%
7.Internet connect preheat your home
Macro second generation WiFi control system, use your phone to connect. Change temperature. On and OFF, preheat on your phone, even gas quantity, order maintenance.



Model L1PD20-18B5 L1PD26-24B5
Maximum heating power(kW) 20/18 26/24
Rated daily water input 22 30
Minimum heating power(kW) 8/7 11.2/9.5
Highest/Lowest gas quantity(m³/h) 2.2/0.8 3.0/1.12
Heating maximum temperature (℃) 85
Heating temperature range (℃) Radiator:30~80; floor heating:25~60
Heating maximum water
perssure (Mpa)
Tank capacity (L) 6
Heating area (㎡) 60~150 80~200
Bathing water Temp.risk 25K(kg/min) 11 15
Bathing water Temp.risk 30K(kg/min) 9 13
Bathing temperature range (℃) 35~60
Bathing water pressure(MPa) 0.02~0.8
Voltage rating (V / Hz) 220V-50Hz
Power rating (W) 130
Product size (mm) 720*420*365
Net weight (kg) 34