• CHQ-01-2.0T


Product description:

1.316 stainless steel strainer, 40μm high precision,canbe filter large particles such as iron filings and yellow mud effectively
2.2000L/h large flow rate;
3.Quick release technology;
4.The filter bottle can withstand -30 ° C freeze under 1.05 MPa water pressure without damage.



Product model CHQ-01-2.0T Sewage joint size G1/4
Product name Macro front filter Suitable water temperature (5~38)℃
Filtering accuracy 40μm Inlet water quality Municipal water
Clean water flow rate 2000L/H Inlet and outlet pipe caliber G3/4
Inlet water pressure (0.1~0.4)MPa / /
Product size 153*65*205mm Package size 236*126*95mm