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Product description:

◆ Partition independent control of water spary-----saving more water;
◆ Built-in antibacterial cavity------anti-mildew and antibacterial rate of 99.99%;
◆ Rayvio UV disinfection imported from the United States
◆ 7 smart flush modes to meet different needs (economic, standard, strong, bright, fast, layer)
◆ Intelligent filter system-------pure and clean
◆ Turbo water softener--------bright and non-scaling
◆ 24 hours appointment cleaning---------anytime at will
◆ Intelligent memory system-----------convenient and easy
◆ Automatic alarming system----------early reminder, early action
◆ Automatically dispense detergent---------Less worry and effort



Model No. FQ7
Standard Water Consumption(L) 9.3
Water Efficiency Degree Class 3
External Size(mm) 595*625*525
Mounting Size(mm) 560*605≥550
Packing Size(mm) 680*730*630
Net Weight(kg) 27.5
Gross Weight(kg) 34
Rated Power(W) 1265
Working Water Pressure Range(Mpa) 0.04-1.0
Water Proof Degree IPX1
Operation Method Fully Automatic