• CHR-QT03-75G
  • CHR-QT03-75G


Product description:

1.75g small gallon of large water flow, water flow up to 2L/min;
2. Four-fold filtration of compound filter core can effectively remove residual chlorine, scale, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances;
3. Side insert type integrated filter element is discarded to prevent secondary pollution of core replacement;
4. Life of filter element: light prompt, convenient for core replacement in time;
5. Continuous water production overtime protection function, to ensure the life of booster pump;
6. Pure wastewater ratio: 1:1, efficient water saving;
7. Integrated waterway plate, small volume and convenient installation;



Product model CHR-QT03-75G
Whether there is a pressure bucke NO
Waste water than 2:1
Pure water flow 0.19
N.W 7kg
G.W 8.5kg
Rated total net water quantity 1500
Product size 450×190×410
Packing size 530×290×535