• CHR-QD01-450G
  • CHR-QD01-450G


Product description:

1.450g single outlet;
2. Two-stage up-draw filter element, four-layer filter system;
3. Three-in-one efficient composite filter core, one core top three core;
4.5s independent core change;
5. Side display panel, easy to display under kitchen operation;
6. Life of filter element: light prompt, convenient for core replacement in time;
7. Waste water ratio 2:1, efficient water saving;
8. Equipped with 304 stainless steel lead-free faucets;
9. Slim body, unlimited installation.



Product model CHR-QD01-450G Waste water than 2:1
Product name Macro pipeline drinking fountain Whether there is a pressure buckey NO
Suitable power 220V~/50HZ Pure water flow 0.19
Anti-electric shock type Class I Inlet water quality pure water
Rated total net water quantity 2000L Inlet and outlet pipe caliber /
Product size 186×390×369 Package size 470×275×440