• CHL-02-1.0L


Product description:

1.Natural diatomite ceramic and activated carbon composite filter, durable and easy to clean, reusable;
2.Multi-stage filtration can effectively absorb residual chlorine, sediment, rust, etc.
3.easy to install, equipped with multi-functional adapter;
4.Multiple water discharge modes which are free to switch;
5.Large amount of water output, clean water flow ≥ 1.0L / min.



Product model CHL-02-1.0L Inlet water pressure (0.1~0.4)MPa
Product name Faucet water purifier Suitable water temperature (5~38)℃
Filtering accuracy 5um Inlet water quality Municipal water
Clean water flow rate 1.0L/min / /
Product size 110*66*146mm Package size 275*175*305mm