• CHL-01-0.2L


Product description:

1. Activated carbon is combined with sodium ion exchange resin to effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, particulate impurities, well as reduce the hardness of water.
2. Light, portable and mobility make water can drink anytime and anywhere.
3. User-friendly design: anti-shedding automatic water outlet, water tank separation design, pot body groove design, humanized handle.
4. Large capacity which can be installed with 3.5L purified water.
5. Smart timer inside to count the life of the filter.



Product model CHL-01-0.2L Clean water flow rate 1.0L/min
Product name Faucet water purifier Suitable water temperature (5~38)℃
Inlet water quality Municipal water / /
Product size 258*148*257mm Package size 275*175*305mm