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Guangdong Provincial Supervision Group for Resumption of Work Zeng xiaofeng and and his entourage visited Macro for research and guidance
         17 April, Deputy director, department of culture and tourism, Guangdong Province, Zeng xiaofeng and and his entourage visited Macro for reasearch, and inspection and supervision of enterprises to resume work, ensure direction for the company enterprises to resume work, promote enterprises to make overall considerations, overcome difficulties, and reach great performance in both epidemic prevention and management.
         Walking into the factory road, and after inspecting the epidemic prevention and control work in some production workshops, the company's president Zhong Shaohai introduced to Zeng Xiaofeng and his entourage the situation of employees returning to work, dining environment, employee protection, production and supply, logistics and transportation, marketing and new plant construction. Ma Haichuan, assistant to the president of the company, Li Aimin, director of human resources, and Ge Pu, director of the office, accompanied the investigation.

          Zeng Xiaofeng pointed out that it is necessary to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safety and health of employees; to scientifically and orderly resume production and production, accelerate the realization of stable production and achieve production; to give full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprises and Macro technology innovation, and improve development quality. At the same time, we must further implement responsibilities, strengthen production safety management, and minimize the impact of the epidemic on production. He also encouraged companies to increase confidence and enhance innovation capabilities, to overcome difficulties and seek common development.
Subsequently, Zeng Xiaofeng and his entourage also visited the Macro exhibition hall. Have a general understanding of the company's corporate culture, technological innovation, product performance, etc. When everyone came to a zero-cold water gas water heater, Zeng Xiaofeng and his entourage happily learned about its function and gave high recognition and evaluation. Hope that in the future, Macro will continue to create a better for thousands of households from the perspective of consumers , A higher quality of life.

        According to introduction, Macro has a post-doctoral research station and a nationally recognized laboratory, which belongs to the national key high-tech enterprise and the national recognized enterprise technology center. In many years of technological innovation, Macro has obtained nearly 1,000 patented technologies, and is also the setter of national standards, promoting the process of industrialization and standardization of gas appliances in China.
        It is understood that in addition to Zeng Xiaofeng, the deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Guangdong Provincial Supervision and Inspection Team under Macro supervised the investigation, and also accompanied by the first-level investigator Li Fuping of the Guangdong Provincial Municipal Supervision Bureau and Foshan City Market Supervision Ye Yimao, deputy director of the bureau, Guo Mingyuan, deputy director of the Foshan Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Tang Leijing, member of the Standing Committee of Shunde District, and other leaders participated.