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CCTV "dialogue" China's industrial landmarks, first visit Foshan, focusing on Macro
On August 11th, in order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the "China Industrial Landmark" series of CCTV's high-end interview column "Dialogue" was broadcasted. The first stop was Foshan, the capital of home appliances.

The opening of the program, talking about the brilliance of Foshan's home appliances, the host Chen Weihong and the president of Macro opened the following dialogue:

Moderator Chen Weihong: "I want to show you a picture that can evoke a lot of people's memories. It also records a scene that was busy in Foshan that year. I don't know when I brought this photo to the scene today. Which friends in the room will resonate and would like to share with us all."

Wan Shaohai, President of Macro: “Macro, as the representative of the first generation of water heaters and home appliance companies, experienced the history of Foshan's manufacturing development. In the 1980s, the most precious memory of Macro employees was that the products were in short supply and not sold; the customers took cash, Line up, transport vehicles grow up."

Moderator Chen Weihong: "It is not necessarily rich to get our goods, the busyness of the production workshop is also the moment recorded in the picture, right?"

Zhong Shaohai, president of Macro: “Employees work overtime until the early hours of the morning.”

Moderator Chen Weihong: "How many electric water heaters can I sell at that time?"

Zhong Shaohai, president of Macro: "It is already more than 1 million water heaters, including gas water heaters."

Moderator Chen Weihong: "Wow, more than 1 million families are using our products."

Let the Chinese people take a hot bath

In the 1980s, the Foshan people who had business-mindedness used the small household appliances brought back by overseas folks to dismantle and knock out the first batch of local home appliances, and the township and village enterprises became a group. The prelude of China's home appliance capital began.

At that time, most of the home appliances stayed in the small-scale production stage. Most people in China still boiled in water, and Chinese home appliance companies urgently needed a new breakthrough.

In 1985, Macro was established in Shunde, Foshan. With the beautiful vision of “letting the Chinese people wash the hot bath”, Macro introduced foreign advanced equipment, technology and software to take the lead in realizing the large-scale production of Chinese gas appliances and forming an annual gas production. The production capacity of 2 million water heaters and 1.1 million gas stoves.

In terms of product innovation, Foshan home appliances are also at the forefront. In 1988, the first gas water heater with flameout protection was born in Macro, and the safety performance of water heaters was greatly improved. In 1990, Macro introduced the first fully automatic dishwasher, and the “Imported” dishwasher began to enter Chinese families.

The first gas water heater with flameout protection introduced by Macro

The first fully automatic dishwasher from Macro
Under the leadership of a number of home appliance companies such as Macro, Foshan home appliances have achieved a leap from nothing, and a number of local leading enterprises have been born. There are more than 80 enterprises of more than 100 million yuan and more than 3,000 small and medium-sized home appliance manufacturers and supporting enterprises.
User favorite national brand
In the 1990s, Wan Jiale invited Wang Mingxi as the image spokesperson. Since then, "Macro, Lewanjia" has been heard all over the country, and Macro has become a representative of Foshan household appliances.

The pioneering and innovative nature of Foshan's home appliances is obvious to all. With the spirit of dare to dare to do it, the scale of Foshan's home appliances is growing geometrically. In 1988, Macro had about 400 employees and the output value was 30 million yuan. In 1994, only 6 years later, the number of employees of Macro reached 2,500, and the output value reached about 1 billion yuan. The Macro water heater once occupied 40% of the market share. In 2006, Macro has been the nation's No. 1 seller of gas water heaters for 17 consecutive years.

At that time, the most common evaluation of Foshan household appliances represented by Macro was quality and durability. Due to the shortage of products, employees of Macro often work overtime, and the production workers directly join the team of product handling after work. Even in order to improve efficiency, the trucks are directly driven to the door of the workshop, one is produced, and one is transported; the bank staff helps to collect the goods on site.

The quality of Macro products is good, and the trucks are growing dragons.
Today, Foshan is known as “the capital of China's home appliances” and “the capital of China's gas appliances”, accounting for only 0.04% of the country's land area, but it has created a national economic total of 1.1%. Behind this is the achievements of many Foshan enterprises. In 2017, Macro was selected as one of the top 500 Chinese brands. In 2018, Macro was rated as “Top Ten Enterprises in China's Gas Appliance Industry”, “Top Ten Enterprises in China's Gas Water Heaters”, “Top Ten Enterprises in China's Gas Cookers” and “Top Ten Enterprises in China's Gas Wall-hung boilers”.
Innovation and upgrading lead the industry
“Technology” is another label for Foshan's home appliances. Foshan enterprises, represented by Macro, continue to use the innovative technology to take the lead in the industry and promote industry upgrades again and again.

In the 1990s, the water heater industry ushered in the first change and upgrade, leading the company from Foshan. In 1997, Macro launched the first strong-discharge gas water heater. As the chairman unit of the China Hardware Products Association Gas Appliances Branch, Macro led the industry to launch “forbidden direct push” to promote industrial safety upgrade. In 1998, the China Quality Management Association recommended the Macro strong water heater to the society in the Great Hall of the People, and the “Macro Strong Breathing” was blown up in the land of Shenzhou.

Since then, Macro has successively created many firsts: in 2002, the first "double high fire" gas stove; in 2005, the first condensing gas water heater; in 2009, the industry's first zero cold water - the first home central Hot water gas water heater...

As the maker of 68 national, industry and local standards, Macro has led the development of the gas appliance industry. Macro's products have won numerous awards such as Red Dot Award, IF Award, Epland Award, and Red Cotton Award, which will enable China and even the world to appreciate the charm of Foshan Home Appliances and Foshan.

In 2019, AWE, CCTV's "News Network" focused on Macro, and said: "The sense of design and technology of Chinese home appliances is getting stronger and stronger!"

As seen in this issue of Dialogue, although Foshan has the glorious achievements that many cities envy, it is now undergoing a self-reform. As an outstanding representative of China's manufacturing, the future will provide more quality for the people's better life. product.