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40 years of gas appliances celebration, Macro won five industry awards including outstanding companies
From 1979 to 2019, China's gas appliances have been going for 40 years.
From November 12th to 13th,"Forty years in the making, a new era is started" the 40th anniversary celebration of the Chinese gas appliance industry was held in Beijing, and industry experts, representative brands and media gathered to share 40 years of achievements and look forward to future development.

As an industry witness and participant, Macro won many awards and won the "Excellent Enterprise in the Gas Appliance Industry". He Fuwen, the first general manager of Macro, was awarded the "Grand Opening Honor for the Gas Appliance Industry", and Chairman Ai Suijiang was awarded the "New Talent in the Gas Appliance Industry ", Vice Chairman Yu Shaoyan was awarded "Outstanding Entrepreneur in Gas Appliance Industry", and Hu Dinggang, Chief Engineer of Gas Water Heater, was awarded "Outstanding Contributor to Gas Appliance Industry".
Hundred standard-setters
Lead technological change
From scratch, from introduction to independent innovation, the gas appliance industry has undergone several important technological changes and has matured. Behind this, the promotion of leading companies is indispensable.
In 1985, Macro, located in Shunde, the capital of gas appliances, introduced advanced foreign technology and equipment, and took the lead in the large-scale production of gas appliances, opening the curtain of industrial industrial development.

Since its establishment, Macro has created multiple firsts:
In 1988, the first gas water heater with flameout protection was born;
In 1990, the first fully automatic dishwasher was born;
In 1997, the first forced exhaust gas water heater was born;
In 2002, independently researched and developed the "double high fire" gas stove;
In 2005, the first condensing gas water heater was born;
the industry pioneered the first domestic central hot water gas water heater, opening the industry's zero cold water era ...

In the evolution of the gas appliance industry, Macro is like an explorer, starting a new era after another.

In 34 years, Macro has obtained more than 1,000 patents and participated in the formulation of nearly a hundred national and industry standards. It has been rated as one of the top ten enterprises in the gas appliance industry, the most influential brand in China's kitchen and bathroom industry, and the most trusted brand by consumers. Selected as the director unit of the China Gas Products Association Gas Appliances Branch.
Overall solution
Bringing user experience upgrades
After 40 years, the gas appliance industry has witnessed the gradual development of society and technology, and witnessed the continuous upgrading of living standards.
During this period, Macro kept pace with the times, constantly showing a new side.

While Macro is far ahead in the field of hot water, it has also made remarkable achievements in the field of kitchen appliances,Create a "cooker for Chinese cuisine", Intimately meet the needs of Chinese home kitchen life, and introduce new categories of products such as water purifiers, dishwashers, integrated stoves.
Today, Macro has upgraded from a single product to a whole house water system solution and a total kitchen solution. The whole house water system solution meets the water and drinking water needs of the whole household, while the overall kitchen solution covers kitchen appliances and overall cabinets, etc., bringing a relaxed and happy kitchen experience.

Industry leaders said in their speeches that during the forty years of history, China's gas appliance industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has promoted the modernization process of Chinese household gas appliances with the spirit of "precision manufacturing and intelligent creation".
From the first to each,Macro's ingenuity and quality remain unchanged. In the future, we will continue to help the quality and better life.